Do you know that couple who live posting photos together? Maybe they hate each other

You may well meet a living couple sharing happy photos of their lives: they take selfies at the market, at the gym, at the club, on the couch at home while looking for movies on Netflix, at family lunch, and basically anywhere. moment they are together.

If for those who follow the couple's life on Instagram things look wonderful, for both of them the reality may be different. In fact, according to sexologist Nikki Goldstein, it is quite possible that they hate each other.

“Often the people who post the most are looking for validation for the relationship, ” she explained, who says the number of likes and comments makes “couple 20” stay together more because they like this view than other people. they have a duet than out of affection, love and companionship.

Sad reality

According to Goldstein, this need to share the couple's private life with everyone at all times can also indicate that one of the two is very possessive and controlling.

It is also well known that those who are posting photos and more photos on social networks tend to have self-esteem issues - they are insecure people who pose as if they are the opposite and need the validation of their friends and followers to accept or be happy with. relation to themselves.

In the midst of the intense movement through which we live through social networks, there is no doubt that indeed, many of the people we see showing off their happy, perfect click lives may, in the end, be feeling alone and for themselves. low. Do you agree? Do you know someone like that?