Did you know that buying Guy Fawkes mask generates royalties for Warner?

You may have seen - or even used - Guy Fawkes' famous mask, which you can see in the image above. White, with pink cheeks and characteristic upturned mustache, she was eventually popularized by members of the Anonymous group, who wear this accessory when they appear in public to hide their identities when they go out to protest.

As a result, the mask became something of a symbol of the struggle against authoritarian governments. However, according to The New York Times, as the accessory appeared in the 2006 movie "V for Vendetta" - whose plot revolves around a group of anarchists who defy an authoritarian government - Warner, the rights holder of the image, earns royalties on each mask that is sold. Or at least it should!

“Royaltie $”

Image source: Reproduction / Wikipedia

According to the publication, thanks to the contribution of the Anonymous staff, the sale of the masks helped further fatten Warner's earnings, which earned $ 28 billion last year alone. In addition, the group also made the famous accessory a bestseller in the US, outsmarting masks of characters such as Batman, Darth Vader and Harry Potter.

In case you don't know, the mask was inspired by a real person - Guy Fawkes - who was sentenced to the gallows in England in 1606 for planning the explosion of the UK Parliament. Every year on November 5th, the British celebrate the memory of this character with bonfires and fireworks.