Sacrifices may be behind Oregon cattle mutilations

From time to time we learn of strange cases of animal carcasses that are discovered under intriguing circumstances - and recently some of them have been found in Oregon, USA. More specifically, within a few months, the corpses of 5 young and about the same age that were found with the blood completely drained from their bodies and the extirpated tongues and genitals.

The ominous thing is that, according to the ranchers responsible for the animals, they were in good health and in good shape when alive - and no drop of blood was even found near the carcasses. Was there a mythical goat sucker prowling the region, or was the attack the work of Bigfoot, alien beings, or followers of some bloodthirsty religious cult?


According to Natasha Ishak of All That's Interesting, the first animal was found about 3 months ago, in the middle of the summer, and her body, besides presenting the mutilations we mentioned earlier, seemed to have been “Deflated”. See the impressive picture below:

(Source: All That's Interesting / NW News Network / Anna King / Reproduction)

The other carcasses were discovered just over 2 kilometers away from the 1st animal and all had the same wounds. Moreover, to make things even more mysterious, there were no signs of firearm slaughter or traces that the oxen had consumed any kind of toxic plant or fallen victim to the attack of wild animals.

As might be expected in such cases, rumors and theories about what might have happened are still raging around the region, and since the animals were discovered, ranchers have been armed around the estates and try to pair up whenever possible. . Worse, this is not the first time this type of incident has been reported in Oregon - in the mid-1970s no fewer than 73 mutilated carcasses were found in the state.

(Source: All That's Interesting / Silvies Valley Ranch / AP / Reproduction)

Then, in the 1980s, more dead animals were discovered there and no further cases were known until 2 years ago when a hunter came across some dead cows. On this occasion, super-accurate cuts were identified in the cattle bodies and no trace was found that provided clues as to who or who might be behind the deaths.


The animals found now all belong to a single ranch - the Silvies Valley Ranch - and the deaths were a huge loss, as each ox was valued at about $ 6, 000 or the equivalent of just under $ 25, 000. Not to mention that the animals would be used for breeding and therefore each individual had the potential to generate lifetime profits for the owners.

(Source: OPB / NW News Network / Anna King / Reproduction)

Because the ranch also acts as a tourist attraction in the area - with luxury cabins that cost around $ 850 or $ 3, 500 per day, golf course and spa - there is a suspicion that the attacks were intentional and were intended to cause financial losses to the owners. However, the most powerful theory that has been investigated by the police is that the deaths were caused by members of some sinister cult who needed the genitals of the animals to perform a ritual. And you, dear reader, have any guesses to share?