Get out of bad in less than 1 minute

Writer Gretchen Rubin has an interesting specialty: Basically, she writes about how happy we can be. With the book he published in 2009, The Happiness Project, Rubin garnered international attention and saw his work among the biggest best sellers of the moment.

In an interview with Mental Floss, the author spoke about her favorite subject: happiness. The focus, however, was more specific, and she gave some valuable tips that promise to improve anyone's mood in a very short time - a minute or so. Check out:

1 - Make your bed

Rubin explains that the simple act of making a bed right after waking up is a task that should be taken more seriously, as it improves our mood and increases our happiness. A tidy bed is often the touch of tranquility and lightness we seek in a specific environment. After a full day away from home, coming back and finding your tidy bed is delicious - here at Mega we've done a whole publication devoted to the subject.

2 - Bet on pleasant smells

Rubin says one of the things that quickly improve her mood is undoubtedly the use of aromatic and incense candles, which she believes is a quick way to improve her mood without wasting time, energy, money and without making any kind. of planning.

3 - Follow the 1 minute rule

Avoiding procrastination is always a good way to be happy, and Rubin has a valuable tip in that regard: Immediately resolve anything that can be accomplished in 1 minute or less. Be sure to complete tasks such as replying to an email, making an appointment, paying a bill on the internet or storing a coat in the closet.

4 - Set the alarm clock - not just for the time you wake up

Sleep and mood are directly related factors, and some people really need a noise to wake up - if it works for you, be sure to use it. The author also recommends that we look for apps that use alarms as reminders to drink water or meditate - for some people, it works.

5 - Don't keep reading a book you don't like

Rubin explains that he used to read all the books to the end, but the truth is that this is not necessary. If a person doesn't like a TV series, they won't watch until last season just because they saw the pilot episode, right? With books it's the same thing: let go. If you didn't like it, stop reading and move on to the next one.

6 - Want to end the mess? Pack one thing at a time

Living in a chaotic environment is always a terrible business. Still, there are those who simply cannot place order in the house. For these people, the tip is to do ant work. Like? On the way from the living room to the kitchen, take some things that are out of place, put the dishes in the sink and so on. The tip, according to the writer, is to do something more while moving from room to room.

7 - Choose the right song to listen to

You probably already realized that songs have the power to move our mood, right? If the idea is to be happier, guess what can be done about it? That's right: you can hear more lively music with exciting beats.

8 - Jump!

For Rubin, taking a few hops every now and then is a way to improve mood in a matter of a few seconds. It will be?

9 - Kiss someone you love

Showing love and affection is always good - and it works for at least two people at once! Interpersonal relationships are one of the keys to a happy life, and as good as having someone is demonstrating to them that they are special to you. Kisses and hugs are always welcome.

10 - Create new habits

There is a direct relationship between our habits and our happiness. In this sense, the author advises us to create strict rules, because they end up facilitating our decision making. As an example, she cites changes she made in her own diet, leaving to eat sugar in general. She explains that the radical change turns out to be good, as she doesn't have to decide whether or not to eat dessert, for example. That's a harder goal, huh!

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