Learn why you can't sleep well in a new place

To begin with, I need to be honest: I don't identify much with this subject. The reason is simple: I'm a sleeping machine and I don't need any effort for it - not even counting sheep. I'm not just talking about my sleep at home, no - I have this facility anywhere. Any.

But not everyone is like that. Do you feel that your rest is not the same when you are in a new bed? Science explains!


You may have heard of “sleeping with one eye open” and, in the animal world, developing this ability is directly linked to the survival of many species, such as crocodiles, which remain with one eye open while resting to escape predators more easily., keep your puppies protected and of course pay attention to possible prey.

Ok, but what does this have to do with our way of sleeping? All. For a team of scientists at Brown University, the reason you don't sleep well in a new place is the state of constant vigilance. They published their findings in the journal Current Biology.

Simply put: Even if you are in a safe place, such as a hotel, your brain understands that the environment is dangerous and unpredictable. To prove this, they recruited 35 healthy volunteers and took them to a lab for two nights of sleep - a week apart.

Scientists Watch Out for Slow Wave Activity

The volunteers were connected to machines that monitored their movements, heartbeat, blood oxygen levels, breathing, eyes and legs, as well as activity on both sides of the brain.

So scientists became aware of slow-wave activity, which shows how deeply someone is sleeping. On the first night, participants had more vigil in the left half of the brain. In the second week, already familiar with the environment, brain activities were symmetrical.

Yuka Sasaki, project co-author, says it is possible to train our brains to get used to these situations. Thus, people who need to travel a lot need not suffer from poor quality and irregular sleep.

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