Learn what disasters could affect humanity in 2016

How many times have you read about crazy end-of-the-world announcements or predictions that mankind's days are numbered? Luckily, the vast majority of these stories are nothing more than conspiracy theories. However, this does not mean that there are no real threats that could affect our existence.

According to Peter Dockrill of the Science Alert portal, the Swedish organization Global Challenges Foundation has published a report in partnership with the University of Oxford in which it lists the main dangers that could endanger life on the planet. For if you thought of space rock collisions, volcanic super-eruptions or alien invasions, be aware that the people who made the survey put less Hollywood disasters at the top of the list.

Real dangers

According to the report, aptly titled Global Catastrophic Risks, the biggest risks humanity could face in the next five years are pandemics - whether they are caused by natural agents or created in the laboratory - and that a nuclear war.


Other dangers considered - but less likely to happen over the next five years - were catastrophic climate change, the potential failure of bioengineering initiatives focused on reversing climate change on the planet and problems caused by artificial intelligence.

Hasta la vista

The survey team also considered the possibility of the planet being hit by a space rock or that volcanic explosions occur around the world and called these dangers “unknown risks”. In this regard, the team explained that judging from the disasters that have affected - or could affect - humanity in the last century, the truth is that most of the threats that surround us may not yet be known.

As they said in the early 20th century, no one knew that nuclear weapons would be invented, that the earth could suffer from disastrous climate change, and that biotechnology could become a danger. So while the report gives us an idea of ​​what may affect us in the coming years, it is quite difficult to accurately predict what lies ahead in the distant future.


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