Find out which are the best universities on the planet

Every year the Academic Ranking of World Universities - an academic ranking ranking prepared by Shanghai Jiao Tong University - lists the best educational institutions on the planet. Criteria considered for the trial include a number of parameters, such as the number of articles published in scientific journals, highly cited researchers, and the number of Nobel Prizes received by alumni.

According to the Info Exame portal, the list has been released this year and, among the 15 best in the world, 13 are North American. Harvard, Stanford, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) universities ranked first in the ranking, followed by the University of California at Berkeley and Cambridge, UK, with another British institution, Oxford University, in 9th place, tied with the University of Chicago.

With respect to Brazilian universities, only six appeared on the list, with USP 144th, UFMG 317th, UFRJ 318th, UNESP 362th, Unicamp 365th and UFRGS 421st. You can check out the full ranking through this link and learn a little more about the top 10 in the world - in descending order and remembering that Chicago and Oxford tied for ninth place - below:

9th place: University of Oxford

Country of Origin: England

In operation since 1096, Oxford University has more than 22, 000 students. In the ranking prepared by ARWU, the institution was practically tied with the University of Chicago - in the US - in 9th place, receiving a total score of 57.4 points. Among the most famous alumni are Margareth Thatcher, Tony Blair, Bill Clinton and Rowan Atkinson, better known as Mr. Bean.

9th place: University of Chicago

Country of Origin: United States

With over 15, 000 students, the University of Chicago was founded in 1890 and also received a total grade of 57.4 ARWU points.

8th place: Columbia University

Country of Origin: United States

Founded in 1754, Columbia has nearly 30, 000 students and earned a total grade of 59.6 ARWU points. Among his most distinguished alumni are Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama and Warren Buffett.

7th place: California Institute of Technology

Country of Origin: United States

With a total grade of 60.5 points, the California Institute of Technology was founded in 1891 and has just over 2, 000 students. Among the students who passed through the institution, 32 received Nobel Prizes in several areas.

6th place: Princeton University

Country of Origin: United States

Princeton University was established in 1746 and currently has over 8, 000 students. The institution received a total grade of 60.7 points from ARWU and among its most famous former students are Jeff Bezos and Alan Turing. In addition, Albert Einstein was an affiliate of the Princeton Institute for Advanced Studies - which maintains collaborative work with the university - and has attended numerous on-campus classes.

5th place: University of Cambridge

Country of Origin: England

Founded in 1209, Cambridge University has a number of distinguished personalities - such as Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Lord Byron, Francis Bacon and Prince Charles - associated with its history, not to mention producing 90 Nobel Prizes. The institution currently has over 18, 000 students and received the 69.2 grade from the ARWU.

4th place: University of California Berkeley

Country of Origin: United States

With a total of over 36, 000 students, the University of California at Berkeley was established in 1868 and received a 70.1 grade from the ARWU. In addition to having 72 Nobel Prize winners among his alumni, actor Gregory Peck and Steve Wozniak, one of Apple's founders, are two of the numerous famous personalities who attended the institution.

3rd place: MIT

Country of Origin: United States

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which received the ARWU 70.5 grade, was founded in 1861 and has a list of 80 Nobel laureates associated with it. MIT currently has more than 11, 000 students and among its most distinguished alumni are astronaut Buzz Aldrin, former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

2nd place: Stanford University

Country of Origin: United States

In operation since 1891 (although it was established in 1885), Stanford University ranked second in the world's best ranking with a 72.1 rating. The institution has produced 22 Nobel Prizes and currently has over 15, 000 students. Celebrities on the prestigious campus include actresses Jennifer Connelly and Sigourney Weaver, golfer Tiger Woods, Google's Larry Page, and William Hewlett and David Packard of HP.

1st place: Harvard University

Country of Origin: United States

With a 100 grade, Harvard University was founded in 1636 and has over 21, 000 students. The institution has an annual budget of $ 30 billion and has produced 47 Nobel Prizes, and among its most distinguished former students are John Kennedy, Barack Obama (who joined Harvard to study law after graduating from Columbia in political science). ), Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.


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