Know who are the 10 smartest people in the world

For you, what classifies a person as very intelligent? Her IQ? Her ability to run her business? New ideas and projects? The way she relates to people? Yeah. It is not easy to answer, after all intelligence is a collection of thoughts and consequently attitudes. And when we bring together high levels of IQ with great achievements, you can find true geniuses, like the ones you will see below, listed by SuperScholar.

10 - James Woods

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You may remember Woods, after all he is a famous American actor with two Oscar nominations and three-time Emmy Award winner. What you may not know, though, is that Woods, now 65, is a superintelligent guy who even studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His IQ is 180.

9 - Terrence Tao

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The math genius believes that his taste for numbers was born when he was a child and attended Sesame Street. Just to give you an idea, at the age of two Tao could do simple mathematical calculations. At age nine, he already had higher-level math classes, and at age 20, he received a doctorate from Princeton University.

The guy was once the youngest participant in a math Olympiad and was ranked first when he was just 13 years old. Today, at 37 and with an IQ of 230, Tao has published over 230 articles and research in his field.

8 - Christopher Hirata

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If Terrence Tao drew attention for being the youngest person to participate in a math Olympiad, Christopher Hirata was not far behind. He did the same, also at 13, only in the area of ​​physics. A year later, he was already a college student and part of the California Institute of Technology.

Two years later, at the age of 16, she began working with NASA on a project that studies the possibilities of eventually colonizing Mars. At 22, Hirata already had the title of Doctor, which he obtained from Princeton University. Today, at 30, his IQ is 225.

7 - Judit Polgar

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Judit and her sister were "guinea pigs" for a more rigorous teaching method devised and applied by their father. The father's intention was to prove that children could be superintelligent if encouraged early on. And he was right. A chess player since the age of five, Judit was already an expert at 15 when she beat Bobby Fischer's record as one of the best chess players in the world. At 37, the IQ of this child prodigy is 170.

6 - Sir Andrew Wiles

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This guy is responsible for helping solve Fermat's Last Theorem, which is simply considered the most difficult mathematical problem of all time. For all that he has done thanks to his intelligence, Wiles has already received 15 mathematical awards and was titled “sir”, a noble denomination used in Britain. At 60, Sir Wiles' IQ is 170.

5 - Garry Kasparov

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Imagine if you, at 22, were considered the undisputed world chess champion. Bizarre, isn't it? That's what happened to Kasparov when he was that age. Since 2005, however, he no longer plays, and has spent his energy on politics and literature.

Between 1986 and 2005, Kasparov was considered the best chess player in the world. It is his highest ranking in history with an extraordinary score of 2, 851. At 50, Kasparov, who has already received ten Chess Oscars, has an IQ of 190.

4 - Rick Rosner

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Aged 53 and with an IQ of 192, Rosner is a TV writer who works at ABC and writes about 60 jokes a day. Before dedicating her time to television, Rosner worked in other professions, such as stripper, porter, waiter and even nude model. Another curiosity about the guy: he repeated his senior year three times on purpose, because he thought it was cool to make new friends and wanted to find a girlfriend.

3 - Paul Allen

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This guy is simply one of the founders of Microsoft. It is not difficult to understand how he succeeded in turning his intelligence into a true fortune - he is the 48th richest person in the world with a net worth of $ 14.2 billion. At 60 and with his 170 IQ, Allen also owns companies and sports teams.

2 - Kim Ung-yong

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This name appears in the Guinness Book as the highest recorded and confirmed intelligence quotient in the world, his being 210. Just so you can better understand the guy's level of cleverness, know that at the age of two Ung-Yong already mastered four languages. At four, he was already attending university classes. At age eight he received an invitation from NASA to study in the USA.

1 - Stephen W. Hawking

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Of course the first place would have to be his. We have talked several times about Hawking here at Mega Curioso. The reason? He is an admirable person and, by the way, considered the most intelligent in the world. Today Hawking is 71 years old and his IQ is 160.

The scientist has become known worldwide for his numerous contributions to theoretical physics. Plus, the guy is the author of books that talk about the universe - we're talking about seven bestsellers and 14 recognition awards. Applause for him.