Cat shrine with cute monks can be visited in Japan

If you are also in love with cats you should know that Japan is the perfect country for cat lovers. But aside from Maneki Neko (that lucky cat) and kitten videos, love for cats can be seen in many places around the country. An example of this is the Nyan Nyan Ji Shrine, which in a Portuguese translation literally means Meow Miau Shrine.

The place of worship for furry friends is in Kyoto and is a paradise for cat lovers. Here's why you need to buy your ticket to Japan today:

1. You are greeted by a sister cat

Yes, you read that right! When you visit the shrine you are greeted by the current cat nun named Kouyki. After that, you can order kitten-themed drinks and food.

The nun Koyuki. Source: Bored Panda

Dish served in the sanctuary. Source: Bored Panda

2. You can buy cat art

Want to bring a little souvenir from this cute place in your luggage? No problem, the sanctuary has a little shop where you can buy drawings and other feline souvenirs.

Little shop of the sanctuary. Source: Bored Panda

3. You can play with the seven temple-working kittens

In addition to playing with the nun Kouyki, you can also squeeze the other sanctuary kittens: Waka, Chin, Aruji, Ren, Kanatsu and Chicchi.

Visitors play with a cat while others take a nap. Source: Bored Panda

Still not convinced? Then see more photos of this magical place:

Source: Bored Panda

Source: Bored Panda

Source: Bored Panda