Seek, the app that is “Shazam Fauna & Flora” with augmented reality use

In 2016, Pokémon GO made history by showing that geolocation with augmented reality (RA) could have functional answers in a massive online game. Since then, thousands of companies have taken advantage of variations of this proposal, and one of them sounds quite interesting, especially for nature lovers: the Seek app, for the time being exclusive to iOS, proposes, in a playful way, the identification of fauna species and flora - a "Shazam for nature".

Project was born as a master's dissertation at the University of Berkeley in 2008

The software was born from iNaturalist, a social network for environmentalists who record their observations and share their findings. This project was co-founded in 2008 by a group of students as part of Berkeley University Masters research. Ten years later, they already had 150, 000 cataloged species, and here came the idea: why not use artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality to create something along the lines of Pokémon GO - only instead of creating Ash universe creatures, users could find real animals and plants?

Since then, the app has gained some popularity last year, and this season has set aside the “treasure hunt” motto - you unlock badges by braving the elements of the environment - to become something closer to a walking catalog of living things, updated in real time. The algorithm trained by those responsible already allows to recognize more than 30 thousand species.

seek app

And the proposal, according to co-director Scott Loarie, is to expand the database every day, as well as to foster the interest of the public, especially the younger ones, in ecological and scientific subjects. “Building, alongside children, a kind of culture and lifestyle where we can be curious and interested in activities about citizenship and science, just by making observations, is a victory.”

Seek, the app that is “Shazam fauna and flora” with augmented reality use via TecMundo