According to scientist, 2 dwarf stars will be responsible for the end of the earth

If the end of the world were not such an amazing and intriguing subject, the subject would cease to be dealt with so often, especially by the Cinema, which has the opportunity to approach a possible extinction of planet Earth with even more appeal, using the visual side of the thing. .

The truth is that what for us is Science Fiction, for some scientists is just another hypothesis of reality. Max Planck Institute researcher Coryn Bailer-Jones has released some calculations that can be relatively daunting.

Jones believes our planet can come to an end thanks to the presence of two orange dwarf stars - the cosmic "villains" already have names: GL 710 and Hip 86505. According to the scientist, the two stars can cause confusion in the orbits of some comets as they approach the Solar System.

End time?

If these two little stars get too close to comets, their gravitational center will eventually cause a series of comets to be directed toward Earth, greatly increasing the chances of our planet being shattered.

Before you go around proclaiming the end of the world or freaking out, rest assured that you will not be here when this happens. According to Jones, Hip 86505 can take half a million years to cause confusion - while GL 710 can take up to 1.3 million years to get closer to the Solar System. This, of course, if the scientist's calculations are really correct.

Jones's theory has yet to be tested by other scientists before it is further elaborated and taken seriously. No matter what the outcome of the research, mankind seems to have time to develop some sort of interstellar escape - at least in cinema it has already happened.

* Posted on 01/05/2015


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