According to an expert, today's children will never drive a car

If you who are as old or as old as me, especially if you are a man born in Brazil, have a good chance of growing up learning to love cars somehow - whether watching Formula One racing on Sundays to cheer for Ayrton Senna or simply because there was someone in your family (and always does) that was cracked by cars.

Well, according to Henrik Christensen, a robotics expert and director of the San Diego Institute for Contextual Robotics, children born today will not have that same focus. In fact, according to his words, it's possible that little ones will ever drive a car. Like, never in their lives. What a sad future, man!

“My prediction is that children born today will never drive a car. Autonomous vehicles are 10, 15 years of arrival in the market. All the automotive companies - Daimler (Mercedes-Benz), GM, Ford - are saying that in five years they want autonomous cars on the street, ”Christensen explains.

Yeah, maybe that won't happen anymore ...

And it's not like the guy hates driving: The expert says he loves driving his car, but it's more about how much time people spend in traffic instead of doing something else. Henrik says the advent of autonomous vehicles will allow twice as many cars on the streets without disturbing the infrastructure.

In addition, reinforcing a thesis that is being reinforced all the time in the auto industry - including by names like Elon Musk and John Zimmer (from Uft competitor Lyft) - Christensen also believes that being a “car owner” is a concept that should disappear within 20 years.

“There will be no need to have garages in the city center. In theory, you get out of the car and say, 'Pick me up at four in the afternoon.' In the long run, and we're talking about 20 years from now, at most, you won't even have a car - it will become a service, ”he says.

While it is very cool to think that people who only have one car today can get rid of this addiction, on the other hand, it is sad for enthusiasts to think of a future without the traditional passion for cars.

And for you, is this future good or bad? Be sure to comment!

Via TecMundo.