Are big beards really a paradise for bacteria?

At every corner you can find some man sporting a handsome beard and very proud of it. Among different colors, cuts and sizes, beards and mustaches attract fans and wearers everywhere, but if you're an attentive person, you've probably heard someone say that beards aren't necessarily hygienic. Does this statement proceed?

“Sebaceous glands on the face, chest and back are larger than those on the head, so the hair coming out of the face is probably coated with more oil. Bacteria like to feed on oil, so there are more bacteria living in the beard or base of the beard than compared to the hair on your head, ”said dermatologist Dr. Whitney Bowe, in a statement published in Mental Floss.

In addition to the amount, it is worth noting that the type of bacteria also changes in relation to body hair, but even though it sounds a little disgusting, having bacteria all over the body is not necessarily a bad thing - on the contrary: many of the bacteria in the body human serve to keep it in balance; not all cause infections.


The dermatologist explained that men who are caressing their beards are more likely to get the flu, for example, as viruses and other microorganisms can be carried by hand. This is true for everyone: the more we touch our face, the more likely we are to get some kind of infection, so it is always so important to wash our hands often.

While there is no real evidence that bearded men tend to have more skin problems such as acne, Bowe said that bearded men are not uncommon to solve problems such as eczma, pimples, dryness and redness of the face - cases get worse. among those who do not usually wash their faces properly.

Some bearded people even develop contact dermatitis, which is a skin irritation caused by the presence of acidic and spicy traces of food and beverages that end up attached to the beard.

Shave then?

Do you think the solution is to keep your beard shaved? Well ... In fact, this also causes some skin problems, as many guys end up with puffy faces after shaving - the effect is worse for those with curly hair.

Astringent cosmetic products also worsen skin quality as they cause dryness. The solution? Treat the beard differently. It is always necessary to lather the beard very well and do it after taking a hot shower, as the heat and humidity make the hair softer - then it is worth to pass a non-greasy lotion that does not block the pores of the face.

Even though bearded men do have more bacteria on their faces than people without a beard, there is no reason to panic or boast: these bacteria are not easily transferable to other people. Keeping the area always clean is ideal.