Is this programmable dress a prelude to the clothes of the future?

If you enjoy being on top of all the news in the technology world, then you should know that although they have not yet reached large-scale commercial level, there are professionals working on “programmable” clothing - and we even have some prototypes of these outfits already being presented. around the world.

An example is the dress you can check out in the following video, which consists of one of these projects that are being developed. Look:

The clip was shared by people at Twisted Sifter recently, but unfortunately they didn't include information about who developed the piece above or about the technology involved. Believe me, we try to find other sources with more data related to this dress specifically, but we couldn't find it (if you can let us know!).

Anyway, we at Mega come across a similar prototype (you can see it via this link if you want) that works through a technology known as "E Ink" or "electronic paper", which is used in the production of those displays. used in digital book readers, for example, so apparently this is the same principle.

In the case of the dress in the video above, the piece seems to change color and patterns with the simple touch of the model and, if it ever becomes a reality in everyone's wardrobes, it will surely represent a reduction in the amount of items that people will need to have in their closets. And you, dear reader, what do you think of the possibilities that this technology offers?