September is the new bridal month: check out 5 apps for the bride

May is officially the month of brides, but for five years September is gaining prominence as the best option for the bride and groom. The latest figures from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) show that September surpasses the number of weddings in May by 35%. Experts say this choice is due to spring, the most charming season of the year.

Choosing the date is just one of the details, leaving the whole organization of the ceremony, which usually takes time and creates a lot of stress for the bride and groom. However, technology has helped and allows to solve everything simply and by phone. We have listed a basic wedding application kit that can help you organize ceremony, send invitations and even lay out overseas - by sharing luggage.

Check out:

1. AllSeated

To help visualize the map of the tables and where each guest will sit - thus avoiding tight skirts - the app organizes the seating and also the mood. Just send a photo of the party venue and the app creates a 3D map to give you a sense of the whole.

Available for Android and IOS


2. Grabr

By sharing luggage, you can buy wedding products from all over the world without leaving your home quickly and safely. To generate an order on the platform you must enter some product data, such as the item description and the link from where it can be purchased in the country abroad. This allows travelers to or from these locations to bring the product, with a reward rate calculated by the app based on the price of the product.

The buyer, besides saving, does not have to pay high shipping rates or wait months to receive the product, which can be from decoration items, bridesmaids dresses to the bride's dress. The economy for Brazilians is usually 30% to 40% on average. Present in 120 countries, including Brazil, Grabr has more than 500, 000 users worldwide, including buyers and travelers.

Available for Android and IOS


3. Lejour

It acts as an exclusive social network for the newlyweds and guests. You can share all the details before, during and after the wedding. Friends and family can post testimonials and party photos - a great virtual album of the best times.

Available for Android and IOS

le jour

4. Postable

Facilitates the logistics of invitations: request the address of each guest by email and gather this information in one place. It also enables the organization and control of sending invitations, as well as post-party thank-you messages, which can be a physical or virtual ticket.

Available for Android and IOS


5. Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress website app has a list of 170 tasks that must be accomplished by marriage, with the ideal timing to solve every demand. Also includes spreadsheet, vendor list, countdown, and RSVP. Grooms can still sync the app, each on their device.

Available for Android and IOS

dressed as a bride

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