Sao Paulo Mall opens African art exhibition

A new and rich exhibition will be inaugurated next Thursday (26), in São Paulo, at Shopping Frei Caneca. The artist Lina Gabriella presents an unpublished exhibition called “ On the Banks of the Omo River ”, which reproduces through dolls and sculptures the famous body paintings characteristic of Africa with figures that refer to fruits and plants - typical inspirations of people living in the south of the region. Ethiopia.

In the exhibition, visitors will be able to contemplate works with diversity of colors and expressions of a people that sum up about 200 thousand people from 16 remote tribes that, until recently, lived isolated from urban civilization.


The show featuring 15 dolls by Lina Gabriella and featuring a large mural by artist Bruno Badaró will take place from October 26th to November 10th on the ground floor of Shopping Frei Caneca, located in the Consolação neighborhood of São Paulo. The entry is free.