Smart Pillow: Pillow that prevents snoring, plays music and is alarm clock

Almost as bad as snoring is sleeping near someone who snores, which means that annoying noises are bad for more than one person most of the time. Fortunately, there are specific treatments for the problem, and medical specialists can evaluate each person to say what is the main reason for their snoring.

In some cases, you need to lose weight; in others, the ideal is to have some restorative surgery or use better sleep devices. Now, with Smart Pillow, another snoring solution has come up to save our nights sleep.

The product is designed not only to prevent snoring but also to monitor the sleepers sleep nights and, if necessary, to play some relaxing music.

It all started with a crowdfunding project in 2016, and after a big hit, the modern pillow is now available for purchase. With a built-in microphone that listens to the snorer's snores, the pillow is designed to promote vibrations that cause the sleeper to shift position and stop snoring.

It's not magic

In addition, the pillow also has a device that monitors a person's movement throughout the night, which makes him recognize the stages of sleep - from this, the person can connect the pillow to a smart assistant to interpret these sleep patterns. .

To make it even better, the pillow has eight wireless speaker points that can make bedtime a relaxing and enjoyable music experience - you can connect the pillow to your Spotify account and Apple Music. Of course, you can schedule an hour for the music to stop.

Smart Pillow also works as an alarm clock, allowing you to wake up when your sleep is lighter, through a fine movement analysis - if the idea is not to wake the person who sleeps with you in the same bed without problems! Smart Pillow does it all without bothering your husband or wife. The pillow currently costs $ 200 - the equivalent of almost $ 650. Would you make the investment?