Lucky! This woman received gifts from Bill Gates in the secret friend.

Blessed be the person who one day invented the secret friend and thus made it possible for everyone to get a present without spending too much. The fact is that the joke is so popular that, especially at Christmas, it makes groups of friends and / or family get together and begin to say the infamous sentence: “My friend is a fun person who likes a lot”. .

This year, as is tradition, about 60, 000 Reddit users from at least 120 countries played the game online and sent gifts to each other. Who also likes to play the game is Bill Gates - you know? The billionaire owner of Microsoft. Yeah.

Last Friday, a woman named Aerrix Laurel received gifts from her secret friend who, by the carriage floor, you already know: it was none other than Bill Gates. Ah, so much joy for one person! See below what she won:

1 - Laurel said she was speechless and can't wait to use all the gifts she received. She said she was dazzled by Gates' generosity who, in addition to those present, made a donation on behalf of Laurel to an institution that teaches computer science. Amazing, no?

2 - "I love my XBOX and thought you might like one too, " I said in this handwritten note.

3 - Is it little? So we have three more wireless controls.

4 - No wonder Laurel screamed as she opened another box with simply an NES Classic Edition. “I wanted one so badly and now I got it because of Bill Gates, ” she said, humiliating everyone else on the planet.

5 - Yeah, there's more. Bill Gates sent Laurel some Blu-ray movies.

6 - And of course accessories for those who enjoy Zelda.

7 - Harry Potter Slippers? Of course!

To make it better, a wonderful picture frame with a picture of Laurel, her husband, their dog, and a Bill Gates that Photoshop helped put there. Is not it beautiful?

In addition to all these treats, Gates sent a letter to Laurel and her family. In the document, he said he was sorry that Laurel did not receive the gift from Reddit's secret friend last year and was therefore sending her some gifts: "I hope you enjoy it."

“There are some video games for you to play, some things to keep you warm and three of my favorite movies for you to watch over the holidays. I also made a donation on your behalf to to help more students get a chance to learn computer science, ”he said in the letter. So, at a level of zero to one million, how is your jealousy right now?