Photo Series Shows Ordinary Objects in a Way You Never Seen

Even in everyday life it should be possible to shed new light, to use a new perspective. Proof of this is the work done by the artist Pyanek. On his Facebook page, the photographer recently posted several images of everyday objects in a way you probably haven't seen yet.

It is the series "Worlds within our world." The directive was relatively simple: photograph common objects fairly closely. To this end, Pyanek relied on his Canon T3i (600D / Kiss X5) camera, albeit with the lens in reverse position. In addition, the photographer also made use of the Helicon Focus programs - to properly layer in and out of focus in images - and Exposure 5.

Yes, this is an apple stalk.

Needless to say: the result really impresses. In fact, the unusual perspective can easily lead to mistakes - seeing a yellow tongue, for example, where there is actually a corn flake. Not to mention the letter “X” on an ordinary computer keyboard or the real show that can be a grain of sugar if you look really closely.

Was a ballpoint pen really your first guess?

For more images, check out the video that opens this text (and try to guess the registered object before the name is revealed on screen).