Photographic series reveals what Poland was like in the 1980s

Bruno Barbey is a French photographer who, in over 50 years of profession, has covered numerous wars and conflicts around the world. In the 1980s, accompanied by his family, he traveled to Poland to document the sociopolitical changes in the country triggered by the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

In a trailer, Barbey drove about 40, 000 kilometers over 8 straight months. According to him, despite strict vigilance, it was possible to capture interesting scenes of Poles from the countryside and cities. The following is the result of this journey:

1. Children playing in the street

2. Spending the day at the beach

3. Taking Strawberry Vitamin

4. Sheep shepherd in the interior of the country

5. Sheep in an Old Jewish Cemetery

6. Cardinal going to a cart village to celebrate a mass

7. Woman Filling Coal Buckets

8. The dancing youth of Krakow

9. Family Celebration

10. Contrast between field and steel mills

11. Inside a diner

12. Children on their way to church for their first communion

13. Zamosc city center region

14. Malbork Castle


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