Brazilian Startup lets you control pleasure from women from a distance

A Brazilian technology company for adult entertainment launched in Brazil, last July 11, a very curious new "toy". This is the Nora vibrator, which can be controlled remotely via the web. CHT Tecnologia has adapted the device to its online platform, which connects viewers to girls interested in showing off their sensuality via live webcam.

With this new feature, a user who connects to any of the "camgirls" - as they are known - in a private chat will be able to control her vibrator at four vibration and rotation intensities during "online sex".

“We have been following this trend of erotic toys for about four years, ” said Caio Farinazzo, Chief Technology Officer at CHT. “Since then, we've been looking for manufacturers around the world who could offer something with greater integration to put on our site, ” he added.

We have been following this trend of erotic toys for about four years

When CHT people found the Nora manufacturer on the web, they realized that the company was already more advanced than the competition in remote control technology.

As a result, in a few months of work between CameraHot developers in Curitiba and Nora manufacturers in China, they were able to integrate the product into the site in a unique way.

How it works

“The first version of the integration was very laborious. The user would have to download an extension for Chrome and get code elsewhere to connect to the camgirl's vibrator, which made an unsafe off-site connection, ”explained Farinazzo. The current model that the adult platform launched this month is more modern, practical and 100% secure, requiring no adaptation by the viewer.

The camgirl needs to buy the Nora, which currently costs $ 800, and connect it to her computer or smartphone via Bluetooth. This generates an IP for the vibrator on her local network, which is detected by the girl's CameraHot interface. When she adds the toy, a notice appears in her room on the site. This is to show users that she is online and can use Nora during her session.

With this level of integration, ours is the first in the world

"This type of feature already exists on other sites, but with this level of integration, ours is the first in the world, " said Farinazzo. The vibrator will be used in a specially crafted chat called HotConnection.

The news will be exclusive to CameraHot, and the user who wants to communicate with camgirls in this way will have to pay a little more for it to justify the girls' investment in the device. Currently, of the 900 registered camgirls, over 100 already have Nora at home enabled for use.


Camgirls who have been using Nora since it became available on CHT are giving very positive feedback on performance. “They say the toy takes them soaring, ” said CHT CEO Fabio Moraes. "We still have little feedback from users, but they are already very excited about it because the feeling of control of the situation is great, " he added.

The device has a battery life of two hours of continuous use and has a magnetic charger that should be connected to the white end when needed. It takes two and a half hours to have the battery fully recharged.

Two hours continuous battery life

Nora is currently being sold by a CHT partner store in Brazil, but it is possible to buy the device abroad at more attractive prices. The manufacturer, however, does not ship the product to Brazil because of tax problems. Purchasing locally, there is even a one year warranty and technical support in case of problems.

CHT plans to integrate more different toys from the same manufacturer into its HotConnection chat soon, but is awaiting the completion of the integration API to prepare the remote control method. With this, the "online sex" experience offered by these webcam sites will reach another level.