Super Friends of Science: Drawing turns scientists into heroes of time

What if the superheroes that keep history in order were nothing less than some of the most famous figures in the scientific world? No need to waste time wondering how curious the result would be; Just check out the video above, which features the pilot episode of Super Science Friends.

As said before, the proposal was to bring famous people to science, but each with superpowers that help them fight evil. All of them, that is, were brought with the help of Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of England. And why did he do it? So that they could prevent the Nazis from sending their soldiers to the past and changing the future.

The plot features six heroes: a young Einsten clone capable of traveling at very high speeds and slowing time (after all, time is relative to him); Darwin, who adapts his shape to gain animal characteristics; Marie Curie, capable of flying, destroying enemies and healing others with her radiation (at the cost of her own health); Nicola Tesla, who is very powerful with his electricity - when they work, of course - Freud, who controls people's sexual thoughts with the help of cocaine; and Tapputi, the 4, 000-year-old alchemist who can deceive others with her potions.

As you may have noticed, this is not exactly a children's drawing. Nor are we talking about the archenemies of scientists like Thomas Edison or the Pope.

The idea, as bizarre as it sounds, fell like a glove in the project by Tinman Creative. In the 15-minute episode you see above, you can see many hilarious clichéd pranks of historical figures, as well as some jokes with the classic designs themselves. It's definitely something you'll want to keep watching if the group ends up releasing more episodes.

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