Super IQ: 12-year-old girl 'jigsaw' intelligence test

A 12-year-old girl "zeroed" (yes, "zeroed" ...), as if it were a simple video game, one of the most important intellectual quotient tests in the world. The case is as impressive as that of the four-year-old genius boy or the super-clever girl Heidi Hankins, which we have already presented here at Mega Curious. The young British Nicole Barr obtained the maximum possible score in Mensa's IQ test. The rate achieved by the girl is higher than the scientists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein, who are part of the group of elite members of society.

Mensa is an international society that aims to bring together people with higher IQ belonging to an estimated 2% of the population in order to promote interactions and the use of intelligence for the benefit of humanity. Founded in 1946 in England, the company is not for profit and is present in over 100 countries, with over 100, 000 members today. In order to become a Mensa member, applicants must prove their intellectual quotient index through tests conducted or recognized by the organization.

British Mensa communications manager Ann Clarkson confirmed Nicole's index. "The score of 162 is only one percent of the population, so by any definition you look at, it's exceptional, " Clarkson told Yahoo Parenting.

Einstein's IQ is 160, two points lower than 12-year-old Nicole Barr

Noting Nicole's ease with challenges and number tests, Nicole's father Jim Barr says he decided to enroll the girl in the Mensa test as a hobby just to find out what the result would be. In the end, the surprise: Nicole scored 162 points, the maximum possible index of the race. Jim also performed the test to accompany his daughter and, as you can imagine, got a result well below the girl. "She made me a little red for that, " Jim joked in an interview with Yahoo Parenting.

Jim said he even suspected that his daughter would be accepted at the institution, despite the difficulty of the index to be among the top 2% of the world's population. “I hoped she was fine. He knew of his ability to solve challenges and problems with speed. I didn't want to push her, so we went for fun (…) when I got the results, I thought 'wow, that's a high score!'. I had no idea until I was later told that I was simply as large as possible by the test, ”added the proud father.

Jim also reported that during the test, he realized how easy his daughter appeared to be, because even with a time limit to finish each problem, she finished quickly. According to her father, while the girl answered everything quickly and calmly, there were questions that he could not even finish. In the last section, for example, when he was told how little time was left, he glanced at his daughter to see if she was feeling pressured and she had already dropped her pen and was just waiting for the end.

Nicole Barr's intelligence, according to Jim, manifested in his early years. He remembered how the girl was already doing math and fiddling with numbers before she was two years old, and how, at the age of two, she could handle a Nintendo DS without any difficulty. Family and friends were amazed at little Nicole's abilities.

And so much intellectual ability makes her use part of her free time, such as summer break, to solve mathematical problems and challenges. However, it is wrong to think that the girl does not like to do other things. Her father has revealed that she enjoys playing soccer, singing and performing in the theater, for which she is currently rehearsing a Shakespeare play which is due to open soon.

Looking ahead, Jim says Nicole wants to become a doctor and believes this is a profession that suits her. He says his daughter can use super IQ to become an innovative pro. “She thinks outside the box. While anyone in some cases brains their minds to solve it, they see things differently, with another point of view, ”he said.

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