Scare: toy hides a devilish image inside

Would you buy your two-year-old daughter a toy called "Evil Stick"? Just the name is strange enough, don't you think? Believe me, it really does exist and has caused a very unpleasant surprise for an American mother, something she probably prefers to forget once and for all.

Nicole Allen found a frightening image as the aluminum foil covering the object came off. In a circle in the middle of the toy was the image of a demonic woman grinning ominously and slicing her wrists with a knife. If it is terrible even for adults, it is even worse for such a small child.

The owner of the store where Nicole bought the item was approached by the angry woman who made her complaint. Amar Moustafa replied that the mother should have read the age indication on the wand, which states that the product is appropriate for children between five and ten years old. Still, it does not justify the murky photo inserted inside the item.

Devil Stick

The toy, anyway, is very strange and scary. This is a pink flower-shaped magic wand with a laminated film on the front. When triggered, the object emits diabolical laughter and lights small lamps. It is not known what the purpose of the item is, but it should not be intended for children.