“So many college years to ...”: 16 professions defined in one sentence

What happens when someone asks a simple question on the internet? Check out the best answers for “What college are you attending and for what? ”:

1. Medicine

5 years to hear: "Thank God"

2. Information Systems

4 years to teach people how to hack Facebook

3. Philosophy

4 years for me to do what I already do: talk shit

4. Civil Engineering

5 years to be a quarry

5. Geography

4 years to ask me what is the capital of Bangladesh

6. Physical Education

4 years for the guy to come and ask, "what's the recipe for getting big?"

7. Psychology

5 years to remove the “suffering” caused by Pablo's music

8. Law

5 years for her aunt to fight and say she has a lawyer in the family

9. Nursing

5 years for patient to complain that serum is slowly dripping

10. Journalism

4 years to run after ladies on the street

11. Pharmacy

4 years to sell condoms and put credit on mobile

12. Physical Therapy

4 years to hear in the waiting room that the patient only improved after it was on the benzedeira

13. Systems Analysis

4 years to install printer

14. Veterinary Medicine

5 years to hear: "Just have a look?"

15. Dental Prosthesis

2 years to ask me to "fix the tree frog"

16. Biology

4 years to ask me which animal they just killed on the wall