Military technique teaches you to sleep in just 2 minutes

Nothing sadder than bedtime and sleep does not appear. And it's no use telling a little guy, putting bad movie on television, calculating how much time is left for the alarm to ring. When insomnia happens, there is no solving technique. So far. A method supposedly used by US military troops has been circulating on the Internet with the promise of helping people fall asleep within minutes.

The technique has spread when information published in a 1981 book states that by applying the method, it is possible to fall asleep in 120 seconds. According to the author of the book, Sharon Ackman, the technique was developed by the US Navy and would only take six weeks of practice to get to sleep in two minutes.

What is the secret?

In order to sleep well and almost immediately, the military technique says that, first, the person must empty his mind and, for this, he must relax all the muscles of the face. After that, you need to lower your shoulders and relax your arms. You also need to control your breathing: exhale and relax your chest, exhale and relax your legs. Attention: the book says that this order must be followed exactly.

Ten seconds after relaxing your legs, imagine you are in a dark room, lying in a comfortable place. Some say that repeating the phrase "don't think, don't think, don't think" also helps. And ready. According to Ackman, if all this is followed to the letter, you will be asleep before re-commenting on this story and telling if it worked or not.

Studies show that sleeping six to nine hours a night improves health and even fights some heart disease. But does this technique really work? Tell us here in the comments.