You were fooled again: 4 more fake images that went viral on the internet

1 - The Himalayan Clicked From Space

Although the image you just saw above - supposedly revealing the breathtaking beauty of the Himalayan Mountains from space - circled the world, it was computer generated in 2006.

2 - Exhausted polar bear on scottish beach

The story from the photograph above is that an officer of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds - a European wildlife protection organization - would have encountered this polar bear on a beach in Scotland. At first the man thought the animal was dead, but as he approached it opened its eyes.

The officer took a lot of pictures and ran for help, but when he returned to the scene, the polar bear had disappeared. The population would even have been warned of the possible presence of the animal in the vicinity - just not warned that the image was false. By the way, although the photo has recently been re-circulated, every story we tell happened in 2010 and began to circulate as part of an April Fool's joke.

3 - Abominable Snowman

The video above was reportedly taken at a ski resort in Spain and supposedly shows the abominable mythological snowman walking through the trees. However, as you can see in the following image, there is clear evidence that this is a scam.

The red arrows show that there are footprints of more than one person in the snow, indicating that the person who recorded the "catch" was following Yeti's costumed subject. Also, getting back to the video, in fact, the capture takes only 3 seconds - the rest of the clip shows repetitions of the same scene in slow motion - and the guy who filmed the whole thing can't even keep the camera steady.

4 - Burger King Heist

The photo above supposedly shows a Burger King employee who, after being fired by the manager, decides to take the stock of nuggets with him as revenge. However, in fact it didn't go well ...

The boy did not lose his job at all, and the image was recorded as he carried a bag of nuggets to a unit near Burger King that had run out of product. The guy said it was all a joke to prove that people can easily be influenced by what they see on social media.


Imperfect click

We here from Mega Curious already published a story about the photo above, which shows a click apparently captured at the perfect time. She was chosen by Nikon as the winner in a photographic competition organized by the company, but it soon became clear that it was an image that was "photoshopped" by participant Cha Yu Wei. Of course, the gaffe had to talk about and made a big joke.


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