It has to be really shaky to beat this guy on a talent show

Remember the SBT variety show “What's Your Talent?” At which amateur performers performed to showcase their skills across the country? In the US there was also a very similar series - America's Got Talent - which, in addition to revealing some stars to the world, also featured countless bizarre characters on its stage, such as Horse, the boy you'll see next. :

We suggest you forward the video until 1:20.

As you can see, Horse seems to have a rare talent, which is to put up with kicks, thumps, clubs, slashes and all sorts of blows on ... well, you saw where! By the way, Horse tells during the performance - to Sharon Osbourne - that the maximum number of consecutive strokes he has ever dealt with was 63, delivered over a period of 20 minutes. And you know the most interesting? Amazingly, Horse is the father of two girls!