Time or money? Research studies which one brings the most happiness

Besides having a long and healthy life, we can say that the common dream of almost everyone is to be happy. The problem when it comes to happiness is that it is abstract, and its definition varies from person to person. If each reader of Mega had to say what happiness is, we would have the most different answers, for sure.

In ideological and philosophical aspects, we commonly hear speeches that relate time available for leisure and happiness, often criticizing the position of those who devote most of their time to work. What makes us happier then? Time or money?

Have or be?

Medical Xpress recently released observations from a total of six behavioral surveys that evaluated the responses of more than 4, 600 people. The result? Time is worth more than money when you have happiness in mind.

According to University of British Columbia researcher Ashley Whillans, these studies suggest that people have been thinking less and less about using their time to try to get more money - instead, they are prioritizing activities that they are capable of. to bring the feeling of happiness.

It is also interesting to note that this preference for time, not money, is even stronger among older people - many think so after a lifetime of hard work. "As people get older, they generally want to spend their time in more meaningful ways than just making money, " she said.

The nearly 5, 000 volunteers answered questions about happiness, material ambitions, money and leisure time. At one point in their research, for example, they had to say whether they preferred to live in an expensive apartment and travel a little or live in a cheaper apartment and travel a lot.

Participants made more hypothetical choices, such as when they had to decide whether to take a university course that would guarantee a high-level profession with long working hours and an above-average salary, or whether to take a less effortful course to lead to a profession. calmer and had a more modest salary.

Among the factors that had no influence on participants' responses were gender and salary - the study did not hear volunteers living in the poverty line, as people in this situation, for survival reasons, would tend to prioritize money.

Whillans states that if an individual wants to value more of his available time instead of his bank account, he can try to shift focus and thus see things from another perspective. The researcher then advises to reduce working hours when possible (or reduce overtime) - hire people to do gardening work, for example (if bank account allows, of course) - and participate in work. volunteers.

“Having more free time is more important to happiness than having more money, ” believes Whillans. Although the research was done in a first-world country where people have better living conditions, a reflection on what we do to make money (basically, we donate our life time) versus what we do with that money ( who doesn't spend on unnecessary things?) is always valid.

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