Keyed up! Bride loses her own marriage and takes foot in the ass of the angry groom

When people plan a wedding, it's more than normal for the big day to get nervous and even some stumbling to happen, right?

The story you will now know could have stopped this part of the nervousness and perhaps the bride's discontent with her makeup, but the series of misfortunes that set the date for the long-awaited bond of an English couple is simply jaw-dropping. .

The bride, Nichola Tuohy, 46, was happy with her wedding rehearsal dinner, but had no idea that tomorrow would be marked by a waterfall of disaster.

Basically, when the wedding day came, she decided to do her makeup in a department store and when she left there, she didn't like the result at all. Crying and displeased, the bride went home just 90 minutes before the ceremony and decided to wash her face and make her own make.

Nichola Tuohy

Until then, I could even see a light at the end of the tunnel, but then Nichola got a call from one of his bridesmaids, saying that he could not go to the wedding.

Arriving home and annoyed enough, she met her parents, who never approved of the wedding, and they also said they would not attend the ceremony. The bride picked up her children and went to a hotel to get ready on her own - arriving at the hotel, she lost another good time because of a payment approval problem.

As soon as she finally got to her room, she realized that her eight-year-old daughter's dress had been left home - by this time, it was only an hour before the wedding, and then she called her groom, Darren Ferne, who was already there. in church and said the guests were coming and she should hurry.

After the conversation with the groom, she became even more nervous and had a panic attack. Lying and desperate, Nichola suddenly realized that she had only 30 minutes to solve everything, and that it would take 20 minutes driving to reach the church.

Nichola Tuohy

At this point in the championship, the bride decided to do her makeup in the car, but when she got into the old vehicle she had rented to get to church, she realized that the car had no seat belts for her children.

Still, she got in the car and drove home to get her daughter's dress. It was then that she realized that she was really missing her own wedding schedule. Nervously, she took her own car and drove to the event reception, where she found her fiancé fiancé and the party DJ who didn't happen to ask for his payment.

The groom eventually put an end to their relationship right there, and justified himself by saying, "It's not the kind of thing you easily get over." What would you do if you were in either of your shoes?