Terrible: snake bite makes girl's leg wilt and rot

A 13-year-old girl from a native Venezuelan tribe has been bitten in the leg by a snake and is suffering horrible consequences. The wound was initially treated with home remedies, causing the condition to worsen and causing the limb to rot.

About a month after the incident, the girl was taken to a hospital in Caracas, where a doctor photographed her withered and blackened leg and uploaded it to the juventudmedica Instagram profile. Warning: The following image is strong and advised against sensitive people.

According to doctor Arun Ghosh, who was sought by MailOnline and never saw the patient, the image clearly shows that the tissue has suffered severe necrosis. As a result, the girl's leg will need to be amputated.

Removing the girl's limb, however, may not be enough to save your life. “The whole leg is black; The necrosis is spreading. Looking at the rest of your body, you can identify signs of muscle loss caused by the poison. The other leg is too thin. It is possible that she will eventually die, ”the doctor told the site.

According to him, snake venom can cause nerve paralysis and blood clotting. Necrosis can then result in the breakdown of muscle fibers, releasing their contents (a protein called “myoglobin”) into the bloodstream and causing kidney failure.

“This girl received a very rudimentary treatment, which usually only treats the infection due to the bite. Apparently she didn't receive a treatment that would fight the poison itself and allow her blood to continue circulating throughout her body, ”the doctor said.

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