Tiger versus Leo. Who wins this fight?

The lion may be considered the king of beasts and one of the most feared felines in the world, but there is no denying that the tiger is also quite majestic. The two are part of the team of big cats, also formed by leopards and jaguars. All are characterized by being carnivorous and quite fearless, but among the tiger the lion, which one is stronger?

These two felines have fought a few times in the past, especially in Rome, in the most glorious times of the Colosseum. There, African lions and Asian tigers battled for commoner entertainment, almost always in deadly struggles. In more modern times, the encounters of the two big cats have also been recorded in zoos, resulting in events that can traumatize anyone.

However, if both animals were free and without any intervention from men, they were unlikely to fight for real. Both lion and tiger have their own characteristics, whether negative or positive. But the lion is naturally more aggressive than tigers, far more used to fighting than their kin - tigers may retreat if they feel it is necessary, while lions hardly release their victims.

Image Source: Reproduction / Live Science

According to biologist Craig Saffoe, both are about the same size and weight, so these aspects would not bring much advantage or disadvantage to one of them - the main factor is behavior. “Lions are sociable animals, not tigers. That's why lions do best in fighting, since as a child they are used to playing fighting with the other members of their group (and then controlling the pack), while tigers can go years without a similar encounter, ”says Craig.

However, tigers' attacks are considered more fatal, as they always target specifically in the neck region, while lions “play” more with their prey. This behavior can be decisive in a fight. So if biologist Cragi were to bet, he would say a tiger would win the match. On the other hand, other experts prefer not to doubt the supremacy of lions. And you think which one is the strongest?