All the fun of a swimming pool where you can walk on water [video]

You may have heard of non-Newtonian liquid. This special substance has already appeared here in Mega Curious on this list of bizarre scientific creations. In fact, possible applications for this material have not yet been discovered.

Or at least they hadn't been discovered until the video you see below appears on Mach by Hong Leong Bank's YouTube channel. The images show that with the help of a truck, a pool was filled with eight thousand liters of non-Newtonian fluid and then the fun began.

The action “Can You Walk on Water?” Took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. To this end, the organizers chose a bustling location of the city and invited people of all ages to experience the feeling of walking on the substance of amazing properties.

In addition to taking a few steps in the pool, some chose to do even more interesting activities such as dancing, somersaulting, playing soccer and even cycling. And everyone seems to have a lot of fun - even the ones who make a fool of themselves and end up sinking into the pool.

So while science doesn't figure out a function best suited for non-Newtonian fluid, we can keep using the product to ensure fun times around the pool, right ?!