Trailer mixes the movie 'The Lion King' with 'Batman'

Did you enjoy watching the movie “The Lion King” when you were little? And were you excited about the release of the third Batman movie? So, you'll enjoy the YouTube user edit called moviemaestroten shown in the video above.

The work resulted in a new trailer titled “The Lion King Rises”. In it are edited several images of the Disney animation, which are synchronized with the audio of the trailer for the new Dark Knight movie.

Due to some similarities - induced by the editing - the video was well made without changing the original story of lion Simba.

Compare to Batman's trailer

If you haven't seen the Dark Knight trailer that “lent” the audio to Lion King, just check out the video below.

After checking both videos, have your say: did the initiative spoil the two stories or generate a fun one?

Source: YouTube