Elaborate attire: Check out the insect that walks around camouflaged orchid

Let the truth be told: it is impossible not to be surprised at nature! Although there are countless sinister animals out there, there is no shortage of super-intelligent, curious and extremely beautiful animals. An example of this is Hymenopus coronatus, a species of mantis that looks like an orchid.

Native to Malaysia, Sumatra and Indonesia, H. coronatus is characterized by flower-like paws. Usually these insects are similar in color to the environment in which they grow. However, the most beautiful specimens of this incredible mantis may be white and pink.

Gentle and aggressive

Image Source: Reproduction / Phasmidsin Cyberspace

Interestingly, females are much larger than males - no more than three centimeters in length - and can measure up to six centimeters, and both “girls” and “boys” are able to fly. However, while they pose no risk to humans, don't be fooled by the sensational appearance of these delicate insects.

H. coronatus are predators known to exhibit very aggressive behavior, devouring any creature they can capture. Among the most common prey are moths, mosquitoes and even small geckos, and H. coronatus also tend to delight in little bits of banana - is this dessert? And you, reader, already knew this pet?