Poop Transplant Is Best Treatment For Gastrointestinal Infections

When you seek medical treatment against infections, what do you do? Looking for medicine from the most renowned labs? Are you looking for generic drugs that are usually more affordable? What if we said that very soon you could heal yourself by pooping other people?

Sounds gross, doesn't it? We talked about this technique last year, and now new results have been released and are even more promising. The new study was conducted with 516 patients infected with Clostridium difficile bacteria, which causes gastrointestinal problems.

The curious technique makes a kind of "transplant" of feces. The poop of healthy people is inserted through the anus or nose into people who have the bacteria, which can even be fatal! In the US alone, for example, 14, 000 people die each year from this infection.

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In the US, it is already possible to be a poop donor

High efficiency

Treatment with antibiotics such as vancomycin and metronidazole is most recommended, but they can also annihilate your gut flora. If C. difficile bacteria are not killed, they can grow even stronger and more resistant to other known drugs. The new technique had 85% success rate in infected patients - as opposed to only 20% in vancomycin patients, for example.

These results are so optimistic that countries like Australia and the US already indicate fecal transplantation even without official government approval. In fact, in the US it is even possible to be a donor of poop!

Called microbial stool transplantation, the technique consists of applying frozen poop capsules to healthy patients. The microorganisms of these implants will fight infection in the patient. The capsules are inserted through the nose or anus and are housed in the intestinal colon of sick people.


So, dear reader, have you ever imagined undergoing any such treatment? If that were your only salvation, would you rather have the capsules injected through your nose or anus?