Three Things Disney Banned From Their Productions

1. Cigarette

You may never have noticed, but it was very common for several Disney characters to appear smoking in the movies. Last year, the company's CEO Bob Iger established that such scenes would be banned in under-13 films.

In addition to the villains, you could find Pinocchio smoking a cigar on a ride on Fun Island, Genius (Aladdin) blowing smoke to make a heart in the scene where Abu and the Magic Carpet simulate a romantic dinner, or even an entire episode. dedicated to showing Goofy trying to quit his addiction.

2. Impaling

It may sound bizarre, but an impaling scene has already happened in one of the Disney classics: The Little Mermaid. In case you don't remember, this was the end of villain Ursula, the sea witch. As soon as it was discovered, it was impaled by the vessel of Eric the prince.

3. Beheading

You may have seen the tragic death of Bambi's mother or even Mufasa's sad ending in “The Lion King, ” but something that is strictly forbidden in the studios is the dreaded beheading!