Tourists and journalists injured during eruption in Italy [video]

The video above shows the moment when the Etna volcano, located in southern Italy, erupted on Thursday (16). The scenes were captured by a team of BBC journalists and show moments of tension as the blast threw hot rocks toward a group of tourists who were on the mountain at the time of the incident.

At least eight people were injured in desperation to leave the scene as soon as possible. Some tourists had to be evacuated with the help of helicopters. A BBC reporter said a volcanologist was accompanying the tourist expedition and reported never seeing anything like it in more than 30 years of profession.

Etna is one of the most active volcanoes in the world, so it generates a lot of interest from tourists and subject matter experts. All expeditions are guided, but it is impossible to predict unexpected situations. In today's incident, the incandescent lava eventually trickled down to a snowy spot, which eventually melted and produced overheated steam that sent the rocks toward people.

Journalists and tourists suffered injuries such as bruises, cuts and burns, but all were safely removed from the mountain. Reporter Rebecca Morelle was on site to showcase advances in monitoring volcanic activity and posted on Twitter that this was an experience she never wants to repeat.

Journalist published photo of cameraman who had his clothes pierced by an overheated rock