Tourists can visit Chernobyl Plant control room

If you are still choosing the holiday destination, Mega Curioso brings a tip that has given you something to talk about. The famous Room 4, where they controlled the reactor that exploded in Chernobyl causing the largest nuclear accident in history, is open for tourists to visit. So, would you dare to face?

According to the CNN news channel, the room is open to tourists as long as they wear special protective clothing, helmet and gloves. The visit is guided, but after finishing the journey, the person needs to pass two exams that measure the levels of radioactivity to ensure that there are no risks after exposure.

To ensure that no items in the room were “taken away” as a souvenir by visitors, a clean was made to remove any easy-to-carry material. This is to prevent any external contamination from being initiated.


Source: Efrem Lukatsky / Getty Images


In 1986, an explosion in one of the Chernobyl plant's nuclear reactors caused the largest recorded nuclear accident in history. Although officially 28 deaths from the explosion have been reported, the number is believed to be thousands of times higher as the consequences affected generations born after the crash.

Even if some places near the plant are already on the route of curious tourists, it is the first time that a room so close to the accident is open to the population. Local radioactivity is estimated to be 40, 000 times higher than normal.