Ufologists claim that NASA captured UFO images near Earth

Imagine that you, with nothing better to do, decide to access NASA's channel and poke around what's happening on the International Space Station. Then suddenly you see that a gray object appears in the scene that appears to be flying near Earth. Then you straighten up to see what appeared on the screen and ... the space agency cuts the transmission!

For according to the people at the Inquisitr portal, this happened on January 15th, and ufologists accompanying the NASA channel that transmits real-time images captured by the International Space Station believe that such an object could be a UFO. Watch the following video:

The alleged object was spotted by a high definition camera mounted outside the space station, and the device is part of a NASA project to capture the sharpest images of our planet. Of course, the video is making a big hit on ufologist sites and channels around the world, and the fact that coincidentally the transmission was cut off at the moment the object comes into play only fuels speculation.

In fact, news related to images like this are quite common and posted almost daily. However, most occurrences are easily explained, such as dust particles trapped in camera lenses or distortions caused by light sources. With respect to the cut in real time transmission, this is also a fairly common technical problem.

In the case of the video's alleged UFO, the space agency has offered no explanation yet, but some skeptics have pointed out that the object may simply be the moon. And you, dear reader, what do you think?