One of the largest meteorites in the world is discovered in Argentina.

Although our planet has been hit by thousands of space rocks throughout its existence, these alien boulders are not that easy to find. That's why when one of them is discovered, it soon makes headlines around the world - especially if it's huge!

This is the case of a giant meteorite that was found a few days ago in Argentina. The rock was just over a thousand kilometers from Buenos Aires in the province of Chaco. More precisely, the space rock was located in a region known as Campo del Cielo - famous for containing at least 26 impact craters from objects from space.


According to Bec Crew of the Science Alert portal, the Argentine astronomers responsible for the discovery believe the meteorite hit our planet in a meteor shower that hit Campo del Cielo 4, 000 years ago - which is why the area was covered with craters. . They estimate that the rock weighs 30, 800 kilograms and, if they are correct, makes it one of the largest ever found in the world. See the size of the "child" below:

At the moment, the boulder has been named Gancedo and, despite being immense, is small near the largest meteorite ever discovered on Earth, the Hoba, which weighs an extraordinary 66, 000 kilograms. The big man was found nearly a century ago in a region called Otjozondjupa in Namibia and was completely excavated.

However, due to excessive weight, the rock has never been removed from its location. Scientists believe that Hoba arrived on our planet 80, 000 years ago and have estimated that it is between 190 million and 410 million years old. Returning to Gancedo, he disputes the “second largest place in the world” with another Argentine meteorite - one called El Chaco, also discovered in Campo del Cielo.

The stone is big!

According to astronomers, El Chaco weighs 37 tons. However, experts need to subject Gancedo to further measurements and weighing, which means that the space rock can still surprise everyone and steal the title of its "countrywoman."