One-third of vegetarians eat meat when drunk, research says

If there is something that can do very well for health is to be adept of a healthy diet. A lot of people have opted for vegetarianism and veganism because of that - and for a variety of other reasons, of course. However, research in England can make a lot of people in this group very angry.

It turns out that a study of 1, 789 vegetarians showed that a third of them ended up surrendering and eating meat when they were drunk. Kabobs are the favorites for this group of (semi) vegetarians. Following are hamburgers, bacon, fried chicken and sausage.

Biggest relapse, at least for the British, is with kebabs

And something more surprising: most of these people eat meat in secret! Of those who reported relapsing from alcohol, 69% did not share this secret with their friends! According to nutritionist Lisa Young, in an interview with the New York Daily News, the change in diet should be gradual for your body to get used to the new diet and you do not risk many temptations.

And if you know a vegetarian friend, encourage him to change his mind if he is drunk and eager to eat meat: the next day, he will be very sorry if he has done it. After all, you can't be a vegetarian just on Facebook, can you? You have to take this seriously!


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