Camouflaged nails

The variety of decorated nails keeps increasing. This technique is quite simple to do and achieve a very interesting effect, especially for those who do not have much skill with the brush. So rely more on your creativity and imagination than on precision and motor coordination, and get very modern nails.

The nail polishes used here are just suggestions, but to achieve the desired effect, it is best to use colors that are as similar as possible to these.

Enamels Used:

  • Base - Big Universe
  • Suede - Colorama
  • Black - Impala
  • 378 - Hits
  • Extrabrilho - Colorama “Care Line”

Step by step:

  • As usual, the first step is to prepare your nails to receive the nail polish. So, remove the previous nail polish well, sand or cut your nails, push well or remove the cuticle as you prefer;
  • Then apply one hand from your preferred base to better fix the color and protect your nails;
  • Pass the lighter green until well covered. In general, two hands are enough;

  • Use the toothpick to remove nail polish that is too close to the cuticle and skin;
  • Then wrap the tip of the toothpick in an acetone-soaked cotton or nail polish remover, and wipe around the nails, removing any smudged nail polish;
  • Then, with a bluish shade, make nail stains. They must be quite irregular and of different sizes;

  • Use brown to make more blurs, always uneven. Just be careful not to completely cover the green of the base;

  • When you think you have achieved the desired effect, cover your nails with extra gloss to look good on the nail polish, and your camouflaged nails are ready.


Manicure: Bruna Ribas - Phone: 41 96840719
Model: Tayara Antonello