Chess nails

The chess trend, no doubt, was one of the most seen in the past year. Clothing and accessories of all kinds have joined chess, so why not try the trend on your nails? The technique is very simple to understand, but it requires a lot of precision and motor coordination, something that you only get by practicing more and more.

Our plaid suggestion uses a pink hue as a base, and strokes in the colors: brown, white and silver with glitter. You can play and experiment with colors as you wish, always remembering to turn darker ones over for better contrast and make your chess really stand out.

Step by step:

  • Use an acetone cotton or nail polish remover to remove any remaining nail polish that may be left over;
  • Cut or file your nails in the shape you prefer, remembering that to make chess you do not need to have long nails;

  • Push or remove cuticles and apply one hand to the base of your choice;

  • Then apply two hands of the nail polish you chose as the base color;

  • Pass the tip of the thin toothpick close to the cuticles to avoid smudging too much;

  • Wrap acetone-soaked cotton around the tip of the toothpick and wipe off any glaze that may have smudged on fingers and cuticles;
  • Now is the time to make the traces of your chess. Separate the three colors chosen and a very thin brush;
  • You will do all the strokes of one color first, then use the others. Also do the same stroke on all nails and then return to the first nail again, making the second stroke. This will help to make chess look the same on all nails, with the strokes in the same position and the same colors;

  • With the first color you will make a kind of tic-tac-toe game, with four nail strokes, two vertical and two horizontal, well spaced;

  • With the second color, you will repeat the tic-tac-toe game, but shifted higher or lower as you prefer;

  • With the last one, there will only be three lines, two of them horizontal, and one vertically, right in the middle of the nail;

  • Clean again around the nails with a cotton and acetone toothpick or remover to clean out any smudges made with the strokes;

  • Apply extra gloss and your chess is ready.


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Model: Daniele Starck