Up: Man flies over South Africa region trapped in helium gas balloons

Tom Morgan, 38, is from Bristol, England, but decided to make a dream come true in South Africa: fly over the area sitting in a chair attached to helium balloons! The event took place last Friday, after failed attempts to materialize the adventure in neighboring Botswana.

The guy climbed 2.5 km high trapped in just 100 gas balloons and covered a distance of 25 km. “We had to find good weather because it would be difficult to keep the balloons protected if they exploded, ” explains Morgan, who says he felt a mixture of euphoria and fear during the climb.

Tom morgan

Tom Morgan used 100 balloons and climbed 2.5 km high

It took eight attempts for him to finally get an ideal time gap to accomplish the adventure. The climb gained speed as he approached the upper layers of the atmosphere - something that intensifies fear. In order not to climb forever, he had to cut some balloons when he was tall enough.

Morgan enjoyed the experience so much that he now intends to set up a helium balloon competition in South Africa. It would be kind of a race with people trapped in the bladders - is that a good idea? If Brazilian priest Adelir de Carli were alive, he might be one of the first to come across: unfortunately, he died on a similar adventure in 2008, when gusts of wind blew him into the ocean.