Bears in the pool? Video catches the joke in the USA

The heat is rising and the famous request completely disinterested by “friends with a pool for sincere friendships” multiplies. The jokes are right: the heat seems to increase every year and unable to “ask” for such “sincere friendships”, two bears decided to use the hidden pool of others, but were caught.

A video was shared by Colorado State Police on Twitter and shows the two bears bouncing in the pool. The cops joked, and the shared message was a relief. “Don't feel bad about not receiving an invitation, we weren't invited either, ” the tweet said.

The two were caught having fun in the pool on a hot afternoon. (Photo: Playback / Twitter)

According to local authorities, by the time they were spotted in the pool bath on October 9, around 4 pm, the thermometers read about 30 ° C.

Experts believe the filmed bears are of a species already extinct in various regions of the United States, the Ursus americanus or American black bears, as they are known. They are the smallest of the three native bear species and can weigh up to 300 kg.

It is estimated that there are currently between 850, 000 and 950, 000 black bears across the continent.

#TBT to yesterday's perfect pool party weather in #Boulder

- Boulder Police Dept. (@boulderpolice) October 10, 2019