Aquarium-coupled vase ensures sustainable decor and modern design

Sustainability is a concept that is fortunately increasingly immersed in our daily lives, and with that in mind, the site Back to the Roots - something like “back to the roots” in a free translation - launched Aqua Farm, a Innovative design product that promises to delight those who are adept at living an environmentally friendly life.

The product is basically a flower pot and an aquarium. All together, without ceremony. The two articles make an incredible ecological couple, as the plants keep the aquarium water clean and this water, in turn, fertilizes the pots, which have stones and not land as a base for planting.

The company is run by Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora, who want to sow the idea of ​​a more beautiful and sustainable world. In the case of the aquarium, the only job the owner of the structure would have to do was to feed the minnows. That simple. So, what did you think of the idea? Anyone who wants to buy can place orders through the company's website. The ecological aquarium costs R $ 121, 00.

Image Source: Playback / BacktotheRoots