Video of Musk smoking weed leads NASA to inspect SpaceX

NASA has announced that it will conduct a thorough security review on SpaceX and Boeing, two private companies constantly hired by the US space agency to conduct space travel. Interestingly, the reason for such an investigation was a fact of September, when Elon Musk smoked weed during an interview.

The event took place in September when the executive interviewed comedian Joe Rogan's podcast - the show is also broadcast on video. Although everything went wrong in California, where marijuana is legalized, Musk's action didn't go well with many people, and NASA decided to take action now that SpaceX could orbit some US astronauts.

Elon Musk

Based smoked by Musk has been giving some headaches. (Source: Giphy)

Smoke curtain?

Musk's attitude has not been confirmed by NASA as the reason for the inspection, but three officials consulted by the Washington Post would have ensured that this is the real reason behind the agency's move. The agency only stated that it aims to ensure the safety of its astronauts.

"We need to show the US public that when we put an astronaut on a rocket, he will be safe, " said Jim Bridenstine, the agency's administrator and one of those responsible for the partnership between the state-owned company and private companies.

Perhaps, then, the fact that the inspection also takes place at Boeing serves only as a “smokescreen” so as not to make clear the real reason why SpaceX is being evaluated by the US space authorities.

The SpaceX Position

"SpaceX actively promotes workplace safety and is confident that our comprehensive team programs and drug-free environment exceed all applicable contractual requirements, " the company said in a statement.


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Video of Musk smoking weed leads NASA to inspect SpaceX via TecMundo