Video shows the evolution of the Pixar logo

Before Deluxe Jr. took over the studio logo, Pixar had another very simple, square visual identity that was displayed at the beginning of its productions.

Over the years, the animation studio has grown, making more and more money and of course could not leave its mark associated with such a bland image.

Today, we're used to the nice Luxury Jr., the bouncy little lamp that comes in and jumps over the letter i until it takes its place. The image is so genius that whenever we think of Pixar, we remember this animated character.

For those curious about what the studio logo looked like in their early years on the market, the video below compiles the different presentations of the brand as they were shown at the beginning of the short and feature films.

The ten logo variations presented in this video were taken from the following animation works:

  1. “Luxury Jr.” (1986)
  2. “Red's Dream” (1987)
  3. Tin Toy (1988)
  4. Knick Knack (1989)
  5. “Toy Story” (1995) - Luxury Jr.'s debut on the logo
  6. “Cars” (2006) - Celebrating 20 Years
  7. “Up - High Adventures” (2009) - 3D variation
  8. “Cars 2” (2011) - Celebrating 25 Years
  9. “Toy Story 2” - 3D variation, movie re-release
  10. “Toy Story 3” - current logo, in use by the studio