Video shows how pedophiles can easily fool children on the web

Youtuber Channel Coby Persin posted a very disturbing video this week, especially for parents of underage girls. Persin tried to conduct a kind of “social experiment” in which he created a fake Facebook profile and started calling 12- and 13-year-old girls out. They agreed to meet the older boy, allegedly 15, without much suspicion.

In the video, which already has nearly 20 million views, Coby is always accompanied by the girls' parents, who end up surprising their daughters when they get in touch with the boy. Interestingly enough, while recognizing that youtuber is not 15 years old and looks nothing like the photo you uploaded to Facebook, they get in touch with it quite easily.

Despite being an unpleasant video to watch, especially in the third-girl approach, Coby comments that she decided to conduct this experiment because of news that has drawn attention in the US, where a father reported saving his daughter from a date with a pedophile for very little.

Via TecMundo.